A garment constructed to chill, live, and simple BE in.

Most definitely, however to avoid greenwashing we believe it is crucial to speak facts when discussing “sustainability”. Please kindly visit our Transparency section for more information.

Yes, at PARHELA, our cuts have been tailored to work with all genders.

Depending on your order value (£150 & above) you will be met with two packaging options: Our luxury eco gift box with free Palo Santo or the lighter eco option. The lighter eco option consists of a biodegradable mailer or recycled outer box (depending on the contents of the order). Orders below £150 will be dispatched in the lighter eco option by default.

Most of our garments are machine washable at low speed except the Snoodie, Breton & Terry Shorts which require a hand wash. Tumble dryers are a big NO, even for the machine washable garments, always hang to dry naturally (never hang on radiators). The lower the temperature of your washing machine the kinder to the planet, and kinder to your clothes, we therefore advise a maximum of 30 degrees. The same goes for your cycle speed, the faster the spin the more wear on your clothing and the planet. We advise a maximum 400 RPM washing cycle.

If you have attempted to place an order online and are unsure that it has been successful please allow up to 20 minutes then check your email inbox for an order confirmation. If you do not receive an email confirmation, please contact our Customer Service team at info@parhela.com who will be happy to provide further assistance.

All orders over £150 are supplied with a complimentary PARHELA Palo Santo stick

Visit our Craftsmanship section in the top menu, from there you can access every fabric in the collection, and add free swatches to your cart. All you have to pay for is delivery. 

All our garments are manufactured in a newly updated state of the art facility in London. Our socks are manufactured in the EU by one of the most reputable sock manufacturers in the world. And lastly our hats are artisan made in Indonesia using 100% recycled materials.